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4 The Software Development Process

The following software process models were considered for the development of the computer simulation:

An approach based on the waterfall model was chosen because it is well understood, widely used and is an abstract model that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of the project. The waterfall model is a software lifecycle that consists of distinct phases. Development cascades from one phase to another and each phase does not begin until the previous phase is complete. The final phase is usually software maintenance and may involve repeating some or all of the previous phases as the need for new functionality is discovered [32].

Due to the time constraints imposed, the traditional maintenance phase is outside the scope of the project. Maintenance for the project will involve ensuring that any code produced is well documented.

The waterfall model will be adapted to include an evaluation phase which will aim to determine how successful the project was and highlight any areas for future development.

Waterfall Model

Figure 4.1 - The Waterfall Model

Stephen Ratcliffe. 2005
Department of Computer Science
University of York
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